Problem Number 1

tumblr_mttfijwJEZ1s0gsego1_400So I have hit my first real issue. Initially my plan had been to take my bike on the Amtrak out to Albuquerque. This would require taking a train to Washington D.C. and transferring to a train that would then take me to Chicago and then another transfer to Albuquerque.

Now, the Amtrak website says that they let you just walk your bike onto the train ”most trains have …”. So my plan hatched with that information. Tonight, however, while I was trying to begin mapping exact locations and shit I called Amtrak to get exact details and was delivered some horrible news: Only CERTAIN lines let you walk your bike on. To make matters worse, none of these lines run out of NYC unless I’m going to North Carolina, Boston or Maine. Obviously I don’t REALLY want to do that since it’s going to be the middle of winter and I’d rather be on the West Coast for winter.

So right now I’m facing the problem of figuring out how I’m going to get to Chicago with my bike. I don’t want to box it up because I will have all my bags and shit on the bike, not to mention the fact that I would have to remove the pedals, seat and turn the handlebars sideways not to mention releasing the bike chain etc etc etc…basically a bunch of shit that’s a pain in the butt and I worry won’t go back to normal and I’ll start my trip with a messed up bike.

Any bikers out there have any ideas other than flying which I really refuse to do to help me out?


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