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Dear Family and Friends and any other welcome passerby who has happened upon my little page!

First of all I’m glad you’ve made it to my blog!  Weeeelcome.  If you have read through my posts than you have an idea what my upcoming journey is all about.  For those of you who are new to the page, or this is your first visit I’ll give you a nutshell version.  I have decided that I want to leave behind my life of working, working, working and relying solely on this unforeseeable future.  I am tired of always worrying every day about what’s going to happen next and trying to make plans for a life that I have no real control over!

I am shipping my bike and bags out to Austin, TX in January and following by plane on February 3-5 (ticket hasn’t been nailed down yet).  From there I will be biking west and up the west coast up to Bellingham, WA into Canada where I will turn east until I’m just north of Minnesota.  There I will head south east through Iowa and into Chicago, south to my hometown of Urbana, IL and then back up to Canada east to Montreal and south down the east coast through NYC to see friends all the way to Miami for the winter.  There I will decide what place I loved the most that I want to live in.   For me this trip is an opportunity to travel this wonderful country and see all of its natural beauty while meeting people from all over.  I have LOVED living in New York and the relationships that I have made with friends are priceless but I feel like I have become sucked into the addiction of drama, social media and constantly needing to be in touch with everyone at all times.  I will be turning my phone off for the most part, only have emergency minutes to use in case of, obviously, an emergency.  At 26 years old I can think of no better time to try to find myself and what makes me happy.  To find where I want to start my life as I have yet to find my niche that makes me passionate.  Obviously I am passionate about many things but I want to find that one place and thing that makes me come alive and this is what this trip is about.

Here is where all of you come in!  I have been spending the last six months saving my money and buying all the necessary items, clothing, bags, racks, A BIKE, shoes etc that I feel I will need to be on this journey as it has an open ended duration.  I would be SO grateful to any donations any of you feel like you could give to me.  Donations will mainly go towards purchasing food, any necessary bike repairs should an issue arise,  and being saved up for in case of emergency.  I have made the donation page available for you to choose whatever amount you choose to share with me!  (That means even a dollar counts!  One dollar pays for one meal for me!) I believe there might also be an option to specify what you wish your donation to be put towards.  I will be taking lots of photos, and documenting as much as I can so you can all see your money is being used accordingly.

Again, I am SO THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for all of you who care enough to even come and read my blog much less make your way to the donation page! Please don’t ever think it goes unappreciated.  Some of you I know as family, some of you are friends from all over, some I have met through my animal activism.  I love you all a lot and hope to see some of you on my trail!! [That being said, if you WANT to see me please message me and I can let you know when I might be in your area].

Lots of Love,

 Donate Button with Credit Cards

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